how to make hair grow fast Accelerate long hair

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Clothing is a garment that protects the body and indicates the personality of the wearer. The hair is a garment that promotes the facial structure. and tell the health of men and women as well Since the past human beings have invented How to make hair grow faster to make it look natural, but the limitations of males and females make hair grow slower and faster.

Hair Shaft is a dead cell. Growing out of the hair-forming cells, the hair root is embedded in the scalp. The number of hair of each person is genetic, people with less hair, naturally thin hair. You should take care of yourself by eating. and avoiding hair loss triggers

how to make hair grow fast Accelerate long hair

Important days for women who want their hair to grow faster, whether it’s a graduation day, a wedding day, a beauty pageant day. should speed up hair care with the following tips

  • scalp massage

Massage stimulates the activity of dermal papilla cells and helps to produce hair oil. Should set aside time each day to massage the scalp. to stimulate hair cells And it’s relaxing in itself ufabet.

  • Choose hair care products

Girls should choose hair care products with natural extracts such as aloe vera, coconut oil, bergamot oil, lemon and other extracts. with the method of fermentation Or opt for organic shampoos. to reduce the accumulation of chemicals on the scalp Provide natural extracts to stimulate hair cells naturally.

  • food supplement

Choose the right food supplement such as Fish Oil, which helps to fill the hair from the inside to make it tight, weighty, and reduce hair loss with Omega and Ginseng, which contain Ginsenoside to stimulate hair growth.

  • Don’t use hot drives often.

Girls who are addicted to hair drying at high temperatures often. Should reduce the use of heat to stimulate the hair directly. Because it makes your hair fragile, torn, should use cool air and gently comb.

  • eat nutritious food get enough rest

Stress causes hair loss. and eating repeatedly Some types are not beneficial for hair growth. Food that speeds up hair growth These are protein foods such as soybeans, milk, nuts, eggs, fish, and foods that contain essential minerals such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, and fruits and should get enough rest to allow the body to repair itself.