Souness thinks Mark can’t bear the pressure

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Former Liverpool player Graeme Souness believes Manchester United forward Anthony Martial cannot cope with the pressure of playing for the club.

         The French star continued to impress during the pre-season with goals score. Until being expect to return to be a key force of the ufabet team again. But miss the opening game in which the team lost to Brighton due to injury problems.

         Souness, who now serves as a football pundit for several media outlets, said of Martial, pointing out that the striker cannot cope with the pressure of his career at Old Traf. can

         “In the case of United They didn’t recruit game-changing players,” Souness told talkSPORT. “When we talk about ‘we’ll miss Martial’. How likely is this young man to be a Manchester United player?

         “For me he’s proven, not for Man United. He can’t handle the pressure of playing for Manchester United.”

         “Manchester United is one of the greatest teams in the world. They go to the cup final every time they go onto the field. Just as Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City are now,”

He added: “Man United are one of the biggest clubs in the world. They’re in a cup final every time they go out and play a game of football.

“As Liverpool are, as Chelsea are as Man City are now. Welcome to the big league.”

“It’s a bit like Pogba. I see both of them and I see players in them and qualities that few players possess.”