Lewandowski reveals that he feels like a child getting a new toy

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski has revealed he feels like a kid with a new toy as he joins the La Liga club.

         The Poland star started with a goal and two assists as the team thrashed Pumas 6-0 to secure the Joan Gamper trophy with praise. Which is refer to as feeling like a child who got a new toy when moving to Camp Nou.

         “It’s a new feeling for me. I want this change Moving to another country and another ufabet club I feel like a kid with a new toy,” Lewandowski said.

         When asked about the opening, which was greeted by 59,026 fans. The owner replied that “Unbelievable! I didn’t expect that many fans. It doesn’t matter if I get it more than other players like Ronaldinho or Ibrahimovic.”

         “The timing was already very different. But in the end it’s really great. When you get a lot of support right away That experience will last forever.”

         Lewandowski also denied moving to Barcelona because he wanted the Ballon d’Or, saying: “I always say that the team’s success drives me. Rewards are good extras. But that’s not why I want to play in Spain. Some of the things that have been written are not true.”