Insigne waits for the Serie A opener to follow Napoli

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Toronto FC forward Lorenzo Insigne has reveal he misses everything about his former club Napoli. And will look to help them succeed this season. Insigne waits for the Serie A opener to follow Napoli

         The 31-year-old has signed a four-year contract to move to Major League Soccer. Soccer after his contract with Napoli expires this summer. But refer to asserting that he still misses the old team and will follow to help the ufabet team win the championship this season.

         “I miss everything about it and. When I have time. I will return to my friends and family and follow Napoli closely,” Insigne said.

         “I can’t wait for the new season to start. So I can follow Napoli. Because I’m a huge fan and I’ve prepare everything to watch the matches.” 

         “And I would like to wish my team-mates who have had some conversations via phone calls and text messages. Hopefully they can win the title and I would be very happy if they succeed.”

         “To be honest, seeing the reinforcements of every team I hope it will be a great season. I can’t wait to open the season. I will be able to enjoy Serie A from a distance and see great football.”