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Tribute to Detroit Renaissance High School Student Billy Watts: Life and Death played out on Social Media

I didn’t know Billy Watts or his family personally, but when I was alerted to view his social media timeline, I felt immediately connected to him.  Tragically, Billy Watts, 17, a senior at Renaissance High School in Detroit is no … Continue reading

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What role did Social Media Play in the Washington State High School Shooting : Online Actions often foreshadow Offline Realities

              Jaylen Ray Fryberg, opened fired in the cafeteria of Marysville-Philchuck High School, killing two students and seriously wounding four others before killing himself.  Usually in these cases, we find that the teen shooter … Continue reading

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Predators work full-time to find underage kids online – Keeping children and teen safe online

              As technology changes, online predators have “upped their pursuit” of under-aged  children.  Sexual exploitation of children is a world-wide issue, however I found the graphic on this map from Toronto quite compelling.  The … Continue reading

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Rev. Jesse Jackson says Technology Diversity is the next Civil Rights Steps…As an African American Women in Tech, I DISAGREE.

Earlier this week it was reported that Rev. Jesse Jackson stated, “Tech Diversity is the next civil rights step.” As an African American Woman with 20+ years in the field of technology, I respectfully DISAGREE with Rev. Jackson’s opinion. As … Continue reading

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Online predators are using new tactics to target kids to “get in where they fit in” – Keeping Children Safe Online

  Predators are no longer interested in a “one time sexual encounter,” with children, they are hoping for more and they are putting in the work.  Many predators spend months and even years following a child online with the hopes … Continue reading

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