Diversity  and Inclusion Strategist, STEM Advocate, Founder of Sisters Code, Speaker  and Media Contributor

Marlin G. Williams has over 20 years experience as a Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer for two Fortune 500 Organizations, professional speaker, STEM Advocate, speaker and media contributor.  Marlin is a recognized leader in corporate and technology diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives.   Marlin has also had a successful career as a what is binary option trading Mainframe Coder, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Human Resource Executive and Technology Entrepreneur.

As a Diversity and Inclusion Leader Marlin works with corporations to foster candid conversations and action plans related to diversity and inclusion.  Marlin works with organizations to assess their current state in an effort to further their progress towards creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

Marlin is available to assist what is binary options trading you in the following areas:

  • Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Consulting
  • Internal and External STEM Strategy Development
  • Curation and Facilitation of Diversity and Inclusion Conversations and Action Plans
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Panel Participation
  • Media Contribution

Marlin serves as a media contributor and speaker traveling the world as a  S.T.E.M. Advocate serving as a speaker with the intent of bridging the gender and racial gap what is binary option in technology, organizations, and corporations. Through her social enterprise, Sisters Code, Marlin also works to expose women to the world of technology, providing access and education.  Sisters Code mission is to “Awaken the Mature Geek”and is targeted towards women ages 25-85.

Marlin has been a featured speaker and media contributor for Microsoft Corporation, SXSW, Techonomy, Tech Week, Meeting of the Minds, Yes We Code, WDIV, MSNBC and many more.

For consulting and speaking inquiries contact 313-575-4078 or email info@marlinwilliams.com 

Marlin Page, founder of Sisters Code, speaks with Joy Reid about efforts to close the 
gender gap in coding and emerging technologies.


Techonomy Detroit - 2015

Techonomy Detroit – 2015

Techonomy Detroit – 2015